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Help for the People

in Ukraine

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3 Musketiere Reutlingen e.V. Nothilfe Ukraine
3 Musketiere Reutlingen e.V. Nothilfe Ukraine

Emergency aid for people in the war zone

Dear supporter,

Since the fourth day of the Russian invasion, February 28, 2022, we have been on-site with our emergency response teams, providing continuous and urgently needed humanitarian assistance.

Since we quickly established a "Logistics Center" for humanitarian aid at the Polish-Ukrainian border and assembled a great team, led by our coordinator "Andy," we have been delivering relief supplies to Ukraine several times a week.

Our focus is on areas and regions deep in the east of the country, not far from the frontlines. We are providing food, warm blankets, sleeping bags, warm clothing, power generators, and beverages to people who have stayed behind for various reasons and cannot or do not want to flee. We are supporting several hospitals with medicines, infusions, and medical equipment. For example, we have delivered several thousand IFAK (Individual First Aid Kit) to people on the frontlines and mobile clinics.

At the Kharkiv Cathedral, we are providing assistance to approximately 2,500 people through regular distribution of relief supplies and by serving a warm meal from our soup kitchen.

For people living in remote areas near the Russian border, whom we cannot personally reach through our missions, we provide support by regularly sending food parcels. We send about 250 food and hygiene product packages each month, primarily targeting elderly people and mothers with their children.

The living conditions for the many elderly people, as well as women and children in the east of the country, remain very challenging and are not expected to improve in the foreseeable future.

As long as we can and with your support, we will not leave the people in the war-torn areas of Ukraine alone and will continue to provide assistance.

Please help us and the people in Ukraine persevere. Together, we can make a difference.

Yours sincerely,
Deine Musketiere

3 Musketiere Reutlingen e.V. Nothilfe

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