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UPDATE UKRAINE - 05.10.2023

Dear friends,

It's about to start again. Preparations are in full swing. In a few days, our team will once again head to the eastern and southern regions of Ukraine to provide support to people in the villages along the frontlines.

The situation there is tense. The combat activities, including artillery bombardments and airstrikes, are increasing daily, which poses another risk for us and our team. Additionally, winter is approaching, and we are all concerned about further attacks on civilian infrastructure. No one knows what may come. Will there be electricity and gas throughout the winter? These are thoughts that drive us all.

Our relief supplies have already arrived in the meantime and are waiting to be distributed by us. Our food and soup distribution continues as before.

For the next mission in December, we will once again distribute everything that can keep people warm during the winter. Firewood, blankets, sleeping bags, and generators are on the agenda once again. Will you help us with this?

Deine Musketiere


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