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Our Team

We are motivated and full of empathy. With great passion, we dedicate ourselves to the good cause and strive to make the world a little better.


We envision a world where people from all backgrounds, religions, and social standings peacefully coexist with dignity, respecting and supporting one another. The 3 Musketiere will be part of a humanitarian network, collaborating with partners around the world. Always on equal footing, with love and dedication, and for the people.



Our mission is to provide needs-based emergency relief in crisis and disaster areas on-site. With every relief mission, we consider how education and development projects could be established. Our teams need to be well-prepared for this, which is why we offer suitable training courses ourselves.

Betül Tumak

Betül is one of the founding members of the 3 Musketiere.

She works full-time at a health insurance company and serves as the 2nd board member of the 3 Musketiere Reutlingen e.V. on a voluntary basis.

"The fact that millions of children have had to leave their homes and often experienced terrible things during their journey and in their home countries deeply touches me. The thought of a lost generation without a future drives me to take action, and I see it as my duty to help people who have had to flee from war, violence, and terror whenever I can."

Claudia Richter

Claudi is also one of our founding members, works as a nurse, and serves as our honorary treasurer.

"Even in my profession as a nurse, I see it as a passion to assist people in emergency situations and take care of them. Now we live in a country with excellent medical care. This is not something to be taken for granted. Millions of people have little to no access to medical care, and as a Musketeer, I try to fill that gap."

Pervin Aydar

We met Pervin in 2017 during our work in Izmir, for which we are very grateful.

Today, she is the heart and soul of KEP and works there as a project coordinator.

"We may not be able to change the world, but we can change our attitude towards what is happening around us. My sense of belonging towards other people motivates me to build an emerging world community and programmatic solutions for disadvantaged communities. Because I believe my life matters along with the lives of others."