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For people in need.
From Humans for Humans

3 Musketiere Reutlingen e.V. - Menschen in Not

How wonderful that you're here! ONE FOR ALL - ALL FOR ONE

The 'Drei Musketiere Reutlingen e.V.' is a small charity organization that accomplishes great things. 'Drei Musketiere' (Three Musketeers) because when we started in early 2016, there were three of us, and we wholeheartedly dedicated ourselves to the good cause! Now, we are 19 musketeers, mostly volunteering, working for people in need. Our goal is to provide assistance to people from the Syrian crisis area and other vulnerable individuals from crisis and disaster-stricken areas, directly on-site where support is urgently needed. We provide humanitarian emergency aid and develop sustainable educational projects.

We firmly believe that food, education, and housing are human rights. These elements lay the foundation for independent living with dignity.

3 Musketiere Reutlingen e.V. - Hilfseinsätze - Lage weltweit

Our projects at a glance

Unfortunately, it has to be said, it is still very important that we are needed and still have to work in many “spots” with acute emergency aid. We will continue to be active in this area as one of the pillars of our strategy to support people in need. 

3 Musketiere Reutlingen e.V. Logo Emergency aid


We provide emergency relief for people in need. No matter where, no matter who.

Key Focus Areas -
What sets us apart.

We have already based our focus areas and long-term strategy on two pillars. The second pillar is sustainable support for disadvantaged women in the form of our 'Woman Education & Empowerment Center' (KEP) in Izmir, which we opened in early 2021 after over 1½ years of planning. The center is designed to empower women and show them pathways to lead independent and dignified lives. An essential additional component of KEP is our integrated 'Daycare.' During the course of the training program, women can, of course, bring their children with them. This allows them to focus on the program without worries, while we take care of the intensive care and education of the children.

Our Partners

We cannot do it without partners, friends, and supporters, and we are extremely happy and grateful that there are so many individuals, companies, foundations, institutions, or associations who trust us, and in some cases, we can look back on years of friendship and partnership.

Online Donations

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IBAN: DE97 6405 0000 0100 1027 43


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