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For over six years, we have been providing assistance to people in need in eight countries across two continents.

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Please help us and the people in Ukraine to endure.
Every euro can save a life!


IBAN: DE97 6405 0000 0100 1027 43


Deployment Area: Ukraine

Dear supporters,

We have been and still are deeply shocked, even devastated and very sad. Those who know us can imagine that after the initial shock of the invasion in Ukraine, we immediately thought of the people who are and will quickly find themselves in unimaginable distress. As a result, we swiftly switched into 'coordination mode.'

After several days of intense preparation and very little sleep, we had a preliminary plan for our humanitarian mission. Since February 28th, we have been on-site with two teams, working both on the Ukrainian and Polish sides. Each team is fully focused on logistics and emergency relief, which is why we have two teams in action.

In concrete terms, this means that we are actively supporting people fleeing the unimaginable violence in the eastern and northern regions of Ukraine with warm meals and initial medical care in Ukraine. Meanwhile, the second team has established a well-functioning logistics system that allows us to provide urgently needed medicine, technical, and humanitarian aid to people who are trapped in combat areas with almost no access to supplies.

We are officially recognized as a partner by the Ukrainian administration, have the necessary documents to move freely in the region, and are in constant communication with various institutions and Ukrainian authorities.

The situation is extremely dynamic and changes almost constantly. This poses immense challenges and places us, as individuals and as an NGO, under tremendous stress.

However, because we are a relatively small NGO, we can respond quickly and effectively and adapt to new situations rapidly.

Yours sincerely,

Deine Musketiere

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Help us assist the people on the ground!
Every euro can save a life!


IBAN: DE97 6405 0000 0100 1027 43


Earthquake Turkey/Syria

We are shocked by the extent of the earthquake in the southern Turkish border region.

In the disaster area, where millions of civil war refugees have sought shelter, temperatures are currently around freezing. According to official reports, thousands have been left homeless in both countries - and this is happening during icy weather.

During the night, an earthquake with a magnitude of 7.7 shook Turkey and Syria, followed by several aftershocks, one of which measured 7.6, as reported by Afad. Both earthquakes had their epicenter in the province of Kahramanmaras near Gaziantep. The tremors were felt in several neighboring countries as well.

Thousands of buildings collapsed in the region, and the earthquake, which has so far claimed several thousand lives and left countless injured and homeless, was felt in ten provinces.

Together with our partner organizations on the ground, we are currently assessing the situation and will provide support to the affected people with food, baby food, blankets, and power banks.

In our sewing workshop in Izmir, we will collaborate with our women from Syria to produce 1000 warm jogging pants, hoodies, and fleece jackets.

Already, thank you very much for your support!

Deine Musketiere

Deployment Area: Informal Camps in Turkey

Unfortunately, it is still of great importance that we continue to provide emergency relief at many 'spots.' In this area, we will remain an integral part of our strategy to support people in need.

Already, we have based our focus areas and long-term strategy on two sustainable pillars. Our second, supporting pillar is the sustainable support of disadvantaged women through a 'Woman Education & Empowerment Center' in Izmir, which we opened in early 2021.


Through this center, we aim to show people, especially women, ways to lead an independent life with dignity. As part of this effort, we will be able to dedicate even more attention to the care and education of children by establishing a 'Daycare' within the center.