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Completed Projects

Sometimes, unfortunately or fortunately, it is necessary to terminate or temporarily suspend a project.

Balkan-Beendete Projekte
3 Musketiere Reutlingen e.V. Nothilfe Bosnien

Deployment Area: Balkans

Since 2017, the Musketeers have been active in the Balkans and along the 'Balkan Route.' Before the route through Serbia into Hungary became practically impassable, our humanitarian operations were focused on the town of 'Subotica' in northern Serbia, near the Hungarian border. The new refugee route in the Balkans now leads through Bosnia and Herzegovina.

After the route toward Western Europe through Serbia into Hungary and Croatia was systematically closed off, another unofficial camp formed in Velika Kladuša in northwestern Bosnia and Herzegovina. Just a few kilometers from the town lies the border with Croatia.

Due to the significantly reduced number of people on the move in Bosnia, we have decided to temporarily suspend our project. However, this does not mean that we cannot become active again at short notice. To this end, we have set up a small financial reserve, and some relief supplies are also ready in our warehouse.

Support for the Forgotten People in Bosnia

Even though we have temporarily suspended our humanitarian 'Balkans Project,' you can still support the people and the project with a monetary donation.

Either we will become active again with your donation when the need arises, or we will use it to support a smaller project we trust locally.

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3 Musketiere Reutlingen e.V. Wärme schenken
3 Musketiere Reutlingen e.V. Wärme schenken
Please help us and the people in Ukraine to endure.
Every euro can save a life!


IBAN: DE97 6405 0000 0100 1027 43


Gifting Warmth

Dear supporter,

We remember well how bitterly cold it was when we embarked on our relief project in Ukraine on the fourth day of the war. Freezing temperatures of -20°C were not uncommon. Now, after nine months of war in Ukraine, the impending winter threatens a humanitarian catastrophe for the people there. Approximately seven million people are currently without electricity, running water, or gas. Especially in the war-torn regions in the east and south of the country, countless villages, houses, and infrastructure have been completely destroyed or heavily damaged.

Our current top priority is to assist the people on the ground and help them get through the cold winter. As part of our relief project in the Charkiv, Izium, and Kupijansk regions, we have set up supply points in tents and organized regular distributions of aid items such as food, warm blankets, hot soup, and sleeping bags. There is also a significant need for warm, long underwear.

For those who know us, they are aware that we have been active in the Middle East and Near East for people in need since 2016. For example, since 2019, we have been operating a 'Women Empowerment Center' for refugee women from Syria in Izmir. Vulnerable women are empowered through workshops and a six-month training program in the textile trade.

These women, who have themselves experienced terrible war experiences and we as a humanitarian NGO, show boundless solidarity with the people in Ukraine. Currently, these Syrian women are sewing 1000 sets of warm and functional thermal underwear for the needy people in Ukraine. This wonderful idea came from the women themselves, creating a cycle of solidarity. People from Syria are supporting people from Ukraine.

To produce high-quality thermal underwear sets, we have production costs of approximately 15 euros per set. Our goal is to produce 1000 sets of warm thermal underwear as quickly as possible, bring them to Ukraine with our next relief shipment, and distribute them to the people in the Charkiv region. Help us achieve our goal. Let's quickly deliver warmth to those who are shivering!

A thousand thanks!

Deine Musketiere

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