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We view access to education as a human right. That's why we develop long-term educational projects.



Together with our friends and our partner organization KEP (Kolektif Etki Programi), which we established ourselves in Izmir, we operate an education center for disadvantaged women in the heart of the city, specifically in the district of 'Buca.' In a beautiful 'Old Greek House,' which we lovingly renovated ourselves, something wonderful has emerged. It's a place full of harmony and peace, a safe haven for refugee women and women from the neighborhood.

At this location, we promote integration in action and support women in their daily lives. Turkish and Syrian women work and learn together. Children are provided with pedagogical care in our Child-Care facility. However, the main focus lies on Education & Empowerment. Women receive training in the textile sector and are strengthened through special workshops for their daily lives and a future in dignity. The six-month training program was developed for us by the Albstadt-Sigmaringen University of Applied Sciences during a semester project and implemented on-site by our fashion designer, Gizem. Since we prefer to design our projects together with the affected people, Fiddah, our second course leader, plays an essential role.

An extremely important part of the center is our sewing workshop. Currently, Syrian women not only handcraft our Hoodies, T-shirts, Backpacks, and original Turkish Hamam towels for our small label BOUNDLESS but also undertake small but exquisite contract work.

31% of refugees work in the textile sector.

  • The largest group of refugees works between 46 and 69 hours per week.

  • In general, it can be said that refugee workers are paid significantly below the minimum wage.


Quelle: ILO

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