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We look forward to having you join us!

Please be cautious with material donations!

They are currently focusing all their energy on-site and ask that you refrain from making material donations for now. They request your patience for a few days until they have a clear understanding of what is needed. This way, they can efficiently coordinate support. They are creating lists and will collect items based on specific needs, and only those items will be accepted and transported.

They also request that you refrain from sending inquiries about material donations through email or other channels as they are on-site and do not have the resources to respond to numerous inquiries. Additionally, a large volume of emails could lead to essential information being overlooked.

They appreciate everyone's desire to help and support, but they want support to bring relief, not additional burden. If you wish to support them financially, you can do so through their donation options.


Thank you

Get involved

Do you want to get involved and have fun while helping people in need? Then you're in the right place, become a 'Musketier' now! 'One for All and All for One' means to us that every person can contribute in some way and work for others (worldwide)! So, make a difference! We believe that engagement can and should be enjoyable, and everyone who engages as a Musketier should have the opportunity to bring their potential, learn together, and have a good time!

There are actually countless ways to get involved. Become a Musketier to participate in actions and events easily and directly. Advocate for people and children in need at your school or educational institution. Start your own creative initiative (host a concert, sell cakes, organize a flea market...) to actively support the Musketiere or engage your workplace!

Perhaps you have special skills that you want to contribute to the Musketiere as a volunteer? If you have expertise in marketing, PR, and sales, are a designer (graphic, textile, web), a photographer, videographer, or have strong organizational talents, simply email us at info(at) to get in touch.

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