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Supporting Membership

As a supporting member you become Porthos, Aramis, or Athos and support us regularly and over the long term.

"One for All and All for One!"

3 Musketiere Reutlingen e.V. Fördermitgliedschaften

Become a Musketier now!

As a supporting member, you provide long-term, effective, and predictable support to our humanitarian projects with a regular contribution of your choice. You can choose between monthly and annual support.

Do you know the characteristics of the three Musketeers, Porthos, Aramis, or Athos? Then become one of the three Musketeers and support us as:

  • Porthos, the cheerful, good-natured, and carefree one

  • Aramis, the ambivalent, adventurous, and refined one

  • Athos, the mysterious, noble, and unwavering one

Whether as an individual or as a company, with your contribution as a supporting member...


...we invite you to all our meetings, such as the annual general meeting, and you are almost a full-fledged Musketeer. However, you can't vote.


...we would really love to see you in person. That's why you're invited to participate in all our events. And of course, it's free of charge.


... you contribute efficiently, long-term, and most importantly, in a sustainable manner to the support of people in need and our projects for the Musketiere.


... your tax office will also be delighted with your commitment. You will receive confirmation from us and can claim your contribution on your tax return.

By filling out the following form, I acknowledge the constitution (Satzung) of 3 Musketiere Reutlingen e.V.!

Application for Supporting Membership as a PDF file for printing and filling out:

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