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Earthquake relief for Turkey and Syria

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3 Musketiere Reutlingen e.V. Erdbebenhilfe für die Menschen in der Tükei und Syrien

Earthquake relief for the people in Turkey and Syria.

We are shocked by the extent of the earthquake in the southern Turkish border region.

In the disaster area where millions of civil war refugees have sought shelter, temperatures were around freezing. According to official reports, thousands have become homeless in both countries, and all of this is happening in freezing weather.

In the night of February 6th, an earthquake with a magnitude of 7.8 struck Turkey and Syria, followed by numerous aftershocks, one of them with a magnitude of 7.6, as reported by AFAD. Both earthquakes had their epicenter in the province of Kahramanmaras near Gaziantep. The tremors were felt in several neighboring countries.

Thousands of buildings collapsed in the region, with the earthquake resulting in over 50,000 casualties, countless injuries, and homeless individuals across ten provinces.

After most of the Search & Rescue Teams had left the area, a seven-member team of the Musketeers arrived in the earthquake-affected area on February 18th.

On-site in both Turkey and Syria, we were able to provide thousands of people with urgently needed relief items such as food, water, medicine, hygiene products, and underwear sets. Additionally, we managed to set up a tent in Serinyol, a suburb of Antakya, and with the help of local teachers, established childcare for children aged 5-7.

We anticipate that the situation in the earthquake-affected area will not significantly or only slowly improve within the next 6-12 months, and we will continue to provide support for an extended period.

Our plans include setting up additional tents for school classes of 7-9 and 9-11-year-olds and establishing a container that will serve as a practice area for psychosocial support. We also have further missions to Afrin/Syria and ongoing support for affected people with relief supplies on the agenda.

Help us support the people in the earthquake-affected area together.

A heartfelt thank you for your wonderful support in advance!

Deine Musketiere

3 Musketiere Reutlingen e.V. Erdbebenhilfe für die Menschen in der Tükei und Syrien

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