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Dear ones,

Today is World Children's Day. Its motto is: “Every child needs a future”!

We see it exactly the same way and for this reason we have already set up many projects for the benefit of children in recent years. Be it a tent school project for children from Syria in the south of Turkey and also in Syria, a school project in our community center in Izmir, childcare at KEP, the tent school in Hatay or the active support of several children's facilities in Ukraine.

Children are always our focus in everything we do and do. But we don't dare say whether we are the ones who can play a key role in ensuring that children have a real future.

In view of the current war in Ukraine, in which, as is so often the case, children suffer the most through no fault of their own, but also the rather negligent efforts in terms of climate protection, we are not really sure that this year's motto “Everyone “Child needs a future” is actually lived by everyone or whether it is just empty words.

In any case, we have made it our mission to focus on children whenever we can and to do everything we can to support children and give them a future worth living.

Can you help us with this?

Your Musketeers


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