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Dear ones,

An aid operation stands or falls not only through optimal preparation and planning, but also through good training of the team. Regardless of whether in a war, earthquake or flood zone, everyone must be able to rely on each other. Not only to be able to help others, but also to have the certainty, should something happen to you, that everyone in the team has the knowledge to be able to save your own life if necessary.

Since we train teams and volunteers on site in Ukraine, we have decided to offer a TECC (Tactical Emergency Casualty Care) basic training in Reutlingen, not just for emergency services, but open to everyone who is interested.

The course includes many interesting topics such as operational planning & preparation, TECC basics, information about Mines, booby traps & drones, use of map & compass or what belongs in an “emergency bag”.Even if the course was fully booked after two days, you can find out more here and get on the waiting list.

In spring 2024 we will offer the Training again.

Better safe than sorry!

Your Musketeers


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