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Earthquake area Morocco

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Earthquake aid for the people in Morocco


Dear all,

Thank you for visiting our project page and seeking information. The severe earthquake in Morocco last night (09/09/2023) has deeply shocked us. Following the heavy earthquakes in Turkey and Syria, now Morocco has been affected. The earthquake, with a magnitude of 6.9, destroyed numerous houses during the night. As of today, Saturday, September 9th, around 1,000 casualties have been reported. Many people have been injured or left homeless, and others are searching for their loved ones under the rubble.

After Antakya in southern Turkey, now Marrakesh, another UNESCO World Heritage Site, has been partially destroyed.

Thanks to our network "Ziviler Krisenstab" and our partner organizations, we can offer swift and uncomplicated assistance directly on-site. Currently, the first international rescue teams are preparing for deployment or are already on their way.

In some parts of the Marrakesh and Agadir regions, the infrastructure and electricity supply have collapsed.

Even though the situation is not entirely clear yet, based on our experience and active communication with our partners, we believe that for immediate emergency relief, water, food, medical supplies, tents, and blankets are urgently needed.

With your donation, you can already make a crucial and life-saving contribution.

Rest assured, we will continue to keep you updated.


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